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An integrated facilities management solution that ensures cost-effective maintenance and management.

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About Us

DFM was founded to offer an integrated facilities management solution that ensures cost-effective maintenance and management of facilities in line with landlord and tenant requirements and international best practices. We offer facilities management services in the form of building management, cleaning, hygiene, landscaping, garden maintenance, waste management, IT support, and pest control services. In addition, DFM has recently added a training academy and a catering unit to our service offering.

As part of the DELTA Group of companies comprising of engineering, architectural and environmental consultants, DFM is supported by industry leaders in the fields of infrastructure and building design and is thus in a unique position to offer a professionally backed facilities management service.

Delta Facilities Management FULL FACILITIES Management

Full Facilities Management

Delta Facilities Management Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Delta Facilities Management Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Delta Facilities Management IT Services

IT Services

Delta Facilities Management Waste Services

Waste Services

Delta Facilities Management Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services


DFM is strongly committed to the development of South Africa and its people. Considerable emphasis is placed on altruism and goodwill by committing substantial resources to community and nation-building initiatives.


Maximising our clients’ infrastructure investment returns by effectively managing and maintaining their assets.


To be a leading facility and infrastructure maintenance company with a solid footprint throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.


Our values define our business and we ascribe to the concept of ‘Life is a journey, enjoy the TRIP’.

Our Project Approach

Delta Facilities Management - ANALYSE YOUR NEEDS


The first step is to understand the scope of work that is required to achieve the desired results. This is done through site inspections, through which the following information is gathered:

  • Site building size, height, location, and staff required
  • Type of industry (office building, retail centre or industrial park, etc.)
  • Type of floors, walls, and movable assets (furniture and infrastructure).
Delta Facilities Management - CREATE A PLAN


DFM develops a tailor-made programme for the site using the information obtained from the inspection. This includes schedules and checklists for the various services, including cleaning and hygiene, landscaping, pest control, waste and IT Services.

The checklists are inspected by project managers to ensure that all required services are done to the quality and frequency of the scope of work.

Delta Facilities Management - IMPLEMENT THE PLAN


Once the scope and programme have been defined, DFM:

  • Sources the required staff following interviewing and vetting processes
  • Provides staff with NQF Level 1 training, or other relevant training
  • Supplies staff with the required PPE, equipment, and consumables.

Thereafter, the services are implemented on site.

Delta Facilities Management - MONITOR & EVALUATE


DFM Operations Officers monitor the site daily by reviewing the checklists that are submitted.

They also do site inspections on a weekly basis, which involve site audits, on-site training, deliveries, and risk management and mitigation.

From this, feedback is provided to the project managers.

  • Cleaning
  • Garden maintenance
  • Hygiene
  • Landscaping
  • Waste Management
  • TiCi
  • Water Waste
  • Pest Control
  • Training
  • IT
  • Green House
  • Rotating Composting Vessel
  • Catering
  • Worm Farm
  • Aquaculture